Angel messages for January 2015

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What an exciting year we have ahead of us!

2015 is promising to be full of the energy that you need to be able to let go of the past.  The angel message for us is about letting go of struggle. If you've been feeling struggling in some area of your life, relationships, health, career etc... then it's finally coming to an end.  There's a sense of taking a breathe and being able to let go.  And of course with that letting go there's space to allow in something new.

Watch the whole reading and leave me your comments, I love to hear how these readings help you in your life.

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Cut your cords!

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 28th  April to 4th May

 Name of the card: Cut your Cords

Deck used:  Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Ask Archangel Michael to clear any old attachments to fear that stem from past relationships, freeing you from destructive patterns.

Aisling’s message from the angels:

You know I spoke to a  client recently, she had been in a business partnership that had gone wrong.  It had severely dented her confidence and made her distrustful of others but also she didn’t trust herself anymore to make good business decisions.  She was caught up in past mistakes.  I recommended to her to do a little meditation called cutting the cords.  Many spiritual healers and angel therapists use this exercise and I have used it many times in my life.

It’s a really great one if you’re trying to get out of a relationship or trying to distance yourself from people. Imagine that every single thing you’ve ever owned and everyone you’ve ever met and every memory you’ve ever had was all still attached to you on an unconscious level.  Wouldn’t it feel very heavy and unproductive?

I’m exhausted even thinking about carrying all of that extra weight from the past around.

If any of this is ringing a bell with now or you’re squirming uncomfortably or trying to talk yourself out of it.  Then it’s time to release and let go of all that crap!

Wouldn’t it seem so much lighter and so much more room for love and beautify and other things to come into your life.

That’s the trouble with dreams and wishes if we have no space to welcome something new in our lives because they’re cluttered with the past then nothing happens.  Nothing changes.  You have to let something go to welcome something else something new in.  I’m talking about letting things go that do not serve you anymore.  You do not need these things to achieve a beautiful and productive fulfilling life.

Take a moment today, light a candle and breathe deeply for a few moments.  Maybe put on some classical or spiritual music preferably with no words. Call out to Archangel Michael and Raphael and ask them to help you to cut the cords and release the past.

Take a moment and see your body as you sit or lie down. Notice the cods attached to you going out into the world. You don’t have to know or see what they’re attached to. See Michael step forward and with one swish of his sword, cut through all of those attachments and feel the freedom as this happens for you.


Now see Raphael step forward and place his hands over every place a cord was in your body.  See all of these places being healed and whole again.  Now see, feel or sense these angels surrounding your body in a healing ball of light and know that this your personal battery of energy that you can carry around in the next days and weeks and months ahead to give you protection against unwanted cording.

Do this exercise regularly.  It will definitely help you to manifest more of what you really want it your life.  You will feel so much lighter and more productive!

Go easy on yourself and be kind have a great week.

 In my TWA class I give this meditation to all my students, to use as often as they wish as it really helps them to begin to transform their live into their dreams.  They learn to let go easily and effortlessly with the angels help.

© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

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When is it time to forgive?

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 21st to 28th April

Name of the card: Twin Flames

Deck used: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

The answer to your question involves a spiritually based romantic relationship

Aisling’s message from the angels:

Many times in my work with clients and in my classes I come across people who are stuck in karmic relationships. Sometimes I see these ties are kept alive by the qualities of hatred, anger and unforgiveness. If you have hatred in your heart, it doesn’t really affect the other person. And resentment just ties you to them even more strongly. Anger in your heart affects only one person and that person is YOU!

Anger and other unresolved and unexpressed emotions could even be affecting your health in a negative way. Emotions that get stuck can cause havoc with our lives and health.

I once woke up to find half my face paralysed. It was a condition called bells palsy. It was basically unexpressed rage and anger from an old issue that was keeping me paralysed and stuck in the past. I was terrified as this condition can last a lifetime and makes the person look like they have had a stroke. I knew I had to take drastic action. As well as a being treated by my doctor, I began my own journey to heal myself. I began reciting affirmations from Louise Hay, I punched a pillow for a few weeks and cried a river of self pity until there were no more tears. I did whatever it took to get the anger out of me so I could explore it and see what had caused it.

I just kept releasing and releasing until the condition began to improve. I read some books, I attended seminars and had healing, I listened to my intuition and I worked with my angels until I released the anger and all the other emotions attached to that. It wasn’t easy, I had to learn to forgive others and also above all to forgive myself. The condition improved completely and has never come back.

This week take some time to think about your relationships, past and present and consider what you would have like to change. It may well be your feelings of anger and resentment towards someone from your past, maybe it’s to improve your current relationship.

Now chose just one relationship you would like to heal, let go and release. This may be a past relationship or a current one. Get a piece of paper and fill it with the story and your thoughts about it and what happened or what’s happening. When there’s nothing else to say, write at the end of the page and say aloud;

‘Even though I don’t know how, I’m willing to forgive ..................... (fill in the blank with either myself, the situation or the person’s name), Angels I’m handing this over to you to resolve, so I can finally release it.’

Now burn it all. And as you watch it burn, know that the angels will take care of it from here. In the coming weeks ahead, watch out for little miracles happening in your life. Coincidences or possibly just finding yourself feeling differently about an old relationship or situation.

Asking the angels to help you to forgive, is the greatest gift you can give yourself in your life. Making this choice can positively affect every aspect of your life including your health and well being.

Forgiveness is the most powerful way I know to move forward. As Caroline Myss says ‘you’re never ready to forgive’ it’s not something you’ll wake up one day thinking that’s what I’m going to do but rather it is a choice or it’s a gradual process with small steps to take, one after the other. But you must take the first step, you must make that choice to release the past and to move forward today.



© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

Transformation Coach


Shield Yourself!

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 14th to 20th March

Name of the card: Shield yourself

Deck used: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Protect yourself from harsh or fear-based environments by envisioning a cocoon of healing light surrounding you.

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Aisling’s message from the angels:

As you go deeper on this path and begin to open yourself up to spiritual development. It will become easier to be influenced by others negativity. A while ago, I was asked to work for an organization that works with young people at risk. These young people had already been through the mill and back in their lives. I could see the pain and the suffering in their bodies. I could also see their minds beginning to open as the sessions progressed. I could see their light beginning to shine again.

For far too long they had been living in quite a negative environment and been surrounded by those who meant well, but had attempted to dull their light. These kids had suffered the negative affects of alcoholism, addiction and prison. They had experienced trials and difficulties that most of us thankfully don’t and won’t ever have to experience.

I don’t know why their souls choose this difficult journey, but I do know that every single person on this planet, no matter what their circumstances, has an opportunity to rise like a phoenix from the flames. All it takes is a little spark of light, a few words of loving kindness, someone who sees their beauty and even though they are terrified to believe it might be real, hope has been reignited in their hearts.

It’s important for you this week to recognise the environments, that nourish your soul and make you feel great and those that drain you. Clearing clutter in your body, work, car and home space, can help you to grow and have a peaceful and calm life. Take some time in the next few days to consider your home and the different rooms. Decide to take just 15 minutes everyday tackling one piece of clutter or something that you’d like to change. Hoover out your car, give away some stuff that you don’t need.

Also each night this week call in the four archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel to stand at the four corners of every room in your home. Ask them to raise and clear the energy bringing protection to the space and everyone in it. Imagine a cloak of protection being placed over your whole home. Whenever you walk into an environment that you know is going to be challenging, ask Archangel Michael to wrap his cloak of protection and love around you. Imagine anyone or anything that comes near this cloak will get a blast of loving energy, but won’t drain you in anyway.

Become aware of the energy in different places, consider for a moment;

How do you feel sitting on a park bench watching the ducks float by?

And how do you feel walking through a busy shopping centre when you haven’t been sleeping very well?

Sometimes how we feel in an environment can also be influenced by how our own energetic systems are. For example; how do you feel when you’re lacking sleep or in pain? And how do you feel when you’re well rested and are fit and healthy? You intuitively know when it’s time to withdraw and be alone while your system renews itself.

The sad thing is that many of us ignore these signals day after day, and put ourselves in situations that don’t nourish us or help us to grow in anyway.

Pause this week and before saying yes to any social engagements take a breathe and check in with your soul and make sure it’s really what you want to do. And if you decide to go ahead, before entering the space, throw Archangel Michael’s cloak around you.

As you begin to practise checking in with yourself. It will become easier to say no to people and places that don’t serve you and to say yes to anything that does serve and nourish your soul.

Eckhart Tolle described how he had to go to California to write his famous bestseller ‘the power of now’ because it had the right energy to get the book written. Every place on this planet has a particular energy. Every home, every forest every lake has it’s own energy. Play with this idea this week and spend some time in beautiful places, go to your local park and sit with the trees and flowers and plants, or go to an art gallery and absorb the mastery of the art work.

© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

Transformation Coach

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If not now, When?

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 7th to 13th April

Name of the card: Books

Deck used: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Your life purpose involves writing, readings, editing or selling spiritually based books.

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Aisling’s message from the angels:

Do you have a book in you crying to get out? Have you always had a vision of yourself writing and publishing a book? You may already know what the content is, maybe you can even see the title. This could be the year for you to fulfil that dream finally!

How long have you been procrastinating and putting off writing your book?

Recently, I met a woman who attended one of my life coaching classes, she told me that she really benefited from the course and particularly the module on how to avoid procrastination and get motivated. She particularly remembered the phrase;

‘If not now, when?’

In this module I asked everyone to add their age by 365 and take the total from 29,000.

The total they were left with is the average number of days they have left of the planet to fulfil their mission. This exercise is taken from Jason Callaghans life changing book 29,000 days.

And it really hit home with many people that day. There were gasps and irritation and some annoyed people as I had definitely hit a cord. Sometimes we think we’re immortal or that we’re never going to die. There are only two things certain about our lives, we’re born and there will come a time for us to leave this planet as well.

Really thinking about this idea can help you to begin to desire to change your life, to stop putting things off till tomorrow and to start to live your life. You’ll want to make your plan, and to break it down into small steps so you can start to make your dreams a reality.

I have gained so much from reading books. Anyone anywhere has the capacity to retrain themselves once they can read. This precious gift allows you to study and learn information and material to move you forward rapidly in your life. Also surrounding yourself with spiritual and inspirational books can lift and higher your vibration. Making you more of a match for a wonderful life the one you were put here to live.

This week visit and join your local library or drop into your favourite bookstore. I can’t believe how many people don’t have a library card, this is a free facility where you can borrow thousands of books and ebooks for free!

Also another think about giving away some books that you’ve been hanging onto for years. They meant a lot to you, they may have inspired you to change something about your life, but really you haven’t picked them up for years. This week have a look through your book shelves and connecting with your heart, dust off some old volumes and ask yourself will I ever read this again? Then ask ‘Who could I give this too that would enjoy it?’ The answer may be a close friend or a nearby charity shop. Then as always take some action!


© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

Transformation Coach

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Learning your life purpose

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 31st March to 6th April

Name of the card: Workshops and Seminars

Deck used: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Attending and giving speeches is part of your spiritual path and purpose.

Be open to teaching and learning


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Aisling’s message from the angels:

Taking part in conferences, seminars and workshops have the capacity to accelerate your growth and bring you forward at a much faster rate. Taking this time out for yourself and committing to your personal, professional and spiritual development, allows you to go much deeper than you would if life just carried on as usual. It will help you to remember who you are and to realize your unique potential.

I urge you this week to make a list of the classes, courses, anything that you might be interested in doing. It could be in hand gliding or flower arranging or reiki or angel therapy. I don’t now what you’re going to choose, that will nourish your soul but I do know that taking this time out will nourish you beyond anything you’ve ever done before. This is the year for you to step outside your comfort zone and make an investment according to what you would like more of in your life.

A few weeks ago I got a message from the angels, that I was to start speaking to large groups, I asked for some training on this as it’s an area I need to work on. The very next day in my inbox I had an email about a course in public speaking! My heart jumped and my stomach flipped with excitement as my soul recognized the potential in this training. Although, it took me another few days to convince myself that I could afford the course!

So in six easy steps;

1. Take a breathe

2. Ask the question ‘What would you like to learn more about?

3. Ask your angels to help you to find the perfect teacher

4. Watch out for coincidences, synchronicities, information that may come to you from a number of different channels.

5. Listen to your body, your angels and your intuition to help you know what’s the right course or seminar to take

6. Follow that guidance and have an amazing learning experience!


I can only say in my own life, taking time out to attend workshops and training has enhanced my personal, professional and spiritual development on all levels. I have made wonderful friends, met amazing people and have had curious and sometimes quite incredible experiences that have completely changed the way I look at the world and have improved my life as well.

There is another aspect to this card, it’s a message specifically for teachers, who are already teaching or know they could be. If you know or feel that you could be teaching groups of people, even if you don’t know what that is yet exactly, then this is the year to take that dream to the next level. This will require a big jump for many of you and a smaller one for some others.

For now begin to consider that, you have a message that no one else can give us. If you don’t do it who will? Find yourself a teacher or a mentor, someone who will help you to have the confidence to do what you came here to do. If you’ve attended any of my classes, you’ll will have heard me say many times that we all have something unique to share with the world. And if we don’t share it then it’s lost and we may never get the benefits of hearing your voice. This year please, please, please just do it!!! No more procrastinating! Follow the steps above to find out what’s the next step for you on your teaching path.

Have an amazing week and let me know what you thought about this blog. I love hearing from you!

© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

Transformation Coach

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Find your Champions!

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 24th to 30th March

Name of the card: Clear Yourself

Deck used: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Ask the angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed.

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Aisling’s message from the angels:

The angels are asking you to take some time this week to clear out anything that may be toxic in your life. This can relate to food, environments that you work and live in or and relationships that you regularly have with people.

Napoleon Hill says that you are the sum of the five people that you spend the most time with. Think about that for a moment....

So you want to bring more abundance or more love or a new job into your life. What if you continue to surround yourself with negative people, who do not support you, but instead bring you down with negative comments, ideas and thoughts. What would it be like if every idea you have is shot down and rejected? You’d probably get nothing done when it comes to making your dreams a reality.

You know the people I mean! The ones when you leave them or get off the phone from a conversation with them and you feel exhausted! You can call these your energy vampires!

You may need to decrease these involvements in your life at the moment. Don’t share your stories with them if you know that they’ll bring you down and tell you, you can’t do it! Don’t share your precious hopes and dreams with the naysayers in your life.

We all have them, and it may be practically impossible to avoid them completely. I often say to my clients, find your champion! My champions are my sisters. I can call them when I’m feeling down or discouraged and they tell me it’s all going to work out. That I’m clever or resourceful or have whatever it takes to get going again and make things happen in my life. You need to find and use your champion and avoid your vampire! You may have more than one of both.

Actually as you begin to work with the angels on our course Transform with Angels in 12 weeks, you will naturally begin to decrease these relationships and the time you spend with these people. You will also find yourself having new more productive relationships as your own mind shifts, you find yourself working and socialising with like minded people.

Then it’s also about spending time with groups and listening to audios or attending seminars of your hero’s’ the people that inspire you and that you aspire to be. Listen to what they have to say. If you want to earn more money, listen to people that inspire you that already have a made a lot of money in their lives. Listen to what they have to say learn about them model their behaviour.

For example I noticed most of my hero’s in the coaching world, have had mentors or attended big seminar and events. This sometimes costs a lot of money. I’ve begun to do that in my life. And I can start to feel the changes of that work. I have invested in my own mentor and I’ve put it in my diary this year to attend at least three different inspiring events this year.

Open yourself up to the possibilities of more in your life.

© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

Transformation Coach

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Time to Celebrate!

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 10th to 16th March

Name of the card: Four of Gabriel

Deck used: Archangel POWER Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Time for celebration! Abundant rewards for hard work.

Release yourself from burdensome situations.


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Aisling’s message from the angels:

This week the angels are reminding you to have some fun to take a break and make some time to celebrate your life. They love it when you’re jumping up and down in delight and see your life in a new and positive way. Even taking a little mini break wherever you are this week. Five mins at you desk or going for a walk around the office or taking five mins at your lunch hour to drink some eater allow yourself to daydream a little and have some fun.

This weekend in Ireland is St. Patricks celebration yeay!!! But whether you’re Irish or not you can still have some fun. In Ireland over the whole weekend of this national holiday, there are parades all over the country where everyone has a weekend of celebration, fun and entertainment.

You’ve been working hard on your professional and personal development and it’s time to take a break to pat yourself on the back, for even the smallest steps that you’ve accomplished.

Without making the time to celebrate and have fun, everything becomes about work, monotony sets in and the fun just leaves your life. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Giving your mind a break, changing the air as my husband calls it, stepping out side of your life and doing something different for a hour this week, will make such a difference to you and your life. You may find yourself coming back to your current life with a new perspective, problems that previously looked difficult or impossible can be given a new lease of life. You look at your relationship, your career, your health in a new way. Is the glass half empty or half full. See your glass and your life this week, as full of opportunities ready and waiting for you to take them.

Whatever is going on for you in your life. This week the angels are very specifically saying it’s time for a break. So ask for that break, ask for help for someone to mind the kids so you can go and take a relaxing bath or join the gym or go for a walk in the park.

Or go on a family day out, to somewhere in nature and watch how your kids squeal with delight at the simplest of things the beautify of a flower or the breeze on their faces. Follow their example; take a mini mind daydream break if that’s all you’re able to take, a ten minute nap on the couch or just gently close your eyes and breathe and allow yourself to daydream about good things that happened in the past and then bring those happy feelings into your present and then into your future.

© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

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A Company of Angels ready and waiting!

Posted by Aisling on March 2, 2014 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (2)

Angel Card Reading

Date: 4th to 10th March

Name of the card: Seven of Michael

Deck used: Archangel POWER Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

There is a better course of action available to you!

Working alone may not be the best answer.

Review all the details.


Aisling’s message from the angels:

This week your angels come with the big huge message ‘You don’t have to do it all alone!!!’ Newsflash! There’s a company of angels available to help you to accomplish any task.


You may have a tendency to want to carry the world on your shoulders, to take on others worries and fears and try to ‘Fix’ it all and make it better. I know there are many earth angels reading this weekly angel card reading and I know that you feel responsible for making this planet a better place to live for us to live.


BUT.... this does not have to be at the cost of your own life, health, dreams and enjoyment! You can have it all, but it is going to take you a little while to develop an understanding that you have rights and that it is right to put yourself at the top of your lst of priorities.

This topic is so close to my heart at the moment as I currently teach a Life Coaching Course, called ‘Love your life, love yourself first!’. The whole focus of this group is learning how to put yourself first and to make sure your self care above everyone else’s.

It’s such an overused example but it explains things so well! On the airplane, the ser hostess says; ‘in case of a drop in cabin pressure, adults please put your own mask on first, before attending to your children.’

This year you quite literally must begin to consider your own needs and to allow your dreams to have a place in your life again. You deserve happiness and love and for your dreams to be fulfilled.

This week take some time to focus on YOU and to figure out what needs ‘fixing’ in your life. The angels are saying that you’ve been doing the same old thing now for far too long and maybe not just in this lifetime. It’s time for a change, for a new start for a new way of looking at things. If you’re experiencing a long term difficulty in your relationships or problem in that just won’t go away or change or improve.

This is the week to put the spotlight on it, to heart storm for solutions. The angels will help you with this. But the most important aspect of this card is that you are not alone and you have many, many beings in the invisible realms and also your fellow earth angels on this journey with you available to help and support you too.

Light a candle to signify that your calling in your angels for help with this. They will help you to shed some light on any situation.

Take your problem and make some time either, to sit with your angels or invite some strong and positive friends to help you heart-storm for some different solutions. Be outrageous and allow your imagination to run riot, have some fun with it.

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© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014


Jump and the net will Appear!

Posted by Aisling on February 24, 2014 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (4)

Angel Card Reading

Date: 24th February to 3rd March

Name of the card: Ace of Gabriel

Deck used: Archangel POWER Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

‘A gift of passion, opportunity, and inspiration!

The chance to do something amazing! A sense of wonder’.

Aisling’s message from the angels:

This week you are reminded to take some time for yourself to really experience your life in full and complete Technicolor.

So go on and take a moment to stop and smell the flowers, to breathe, to daydream!

The angels love it when you’re having fun, when you have those exquisite moments of peace, clarity and pure joy and happiness at being alive.

We have all had them in our lives and sometimes they may have only lasted a moment or a millisecond. You can actively cultivate those moments by choosing to remember what makes you happy in your life and choosing to do some of that daily! Also allow yourself to daydream this week and really taste the life that you’d like to lead.

This year 2014 is all about transformation and none of us are safe from it. Every single one of you will experience some sort of change this year. You may want to dig your heels in and cling onto your current situation for dear life. But this card is the ace of Gabriel and the ace always holds the potential for action, new energy and allowing your creative juices to create that life you want.

This is the perfect week for manifesting or beginning to plant the seeds of who you really are and what you really want from yourself and your life.

If you are hiding big dreams, then this is the week to bring those secret desires back up and into the light. The angels are whispering in your ears, ‘It’s time my love, it’s time!’ Take a breathe and be brave, start something new today and for the rest of this week.

Step outside of your comfort zone and watch out for huge opportunities that might feel like big, big risks and will threaten to bring up a lot of fear for you. The beauty of these moments is that once you decide to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, there is literally no going back.

This decision to take a risk, will ripple out into so many areas of your life. One risk taken regardless of how it turns out will make you stronger and braver, more courageous and more likely to achieve the life you were meant to live!

Go for it! Please, please, please this week give your dreams a chance and when the opportunity comes take the next step. Your angels will catch you if you fall and put your feet back on the path again.

Take a leap of faith! Go for it!


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