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Time to Celebrate!

Posted by Aisling on March 9, 2014 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Angel Card Reading

Date: 10th to 16th March

Name of the card: Four of Gabriel

Deck used: Archangel POWER Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Time for celebration! Abundant rewards for hard work.

Release yourself from burdensome situations.


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Aisling’s message from the angels:

This week the angels are reminding you to have some fun to take a break and make some time to celebrate your life. They love it when you’re jumping up and down in delight and see your life in a new and positive way. Even taking a little mini break wherever you are this week. Five mins at you desk or going for a walk around the office or taking five mins at your lunch hour to drink some eater allow yourself to daydream a little and have some fun.

This weekend in Ireland is St. Patricks celebration yeay!!! But whether you’re Irish or not you can still have some fun. In Ireland over the whole weekend of this national holiday, there are parades all over the country where everyone has a weekend of celebration, fun and entertainment.

You’ve been working hard on your professional and personal development and it’s time to take a break to pat yourself on the back, for even the smallest steps that you’ve accomplished.

Without making the time to celebrate and have fun, everything becomes about work, monotony sets in and the fun just leaves your life. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Giving your mind a break, changing the air as my husband calls it, stepping out side of your life and doing something different for a hour this week, will make such a difference to you and your life. You may find yourself coming back to your current life with a new perspective, problems that previously looked difficult or impossible can be given a new lease of life. You look at your relationship, your career, your health in a new way. Is the glass half empty or half full. See your glass and your life this week, as full of opportunities ready and waiting for you to take them.

Whatever is going on for you in your life. This week the angels are very specifically saying it’s time for a break. So ask for that break, ask for help for someone to mind the kids so you can go and take a relaxing bath or join the gym or go for a walk in the park.

Or go on a family day out, to somewhere in nature and watch how your kids squeal with delight at the simplest of things the beautify of a flower or the breeze on their faces. Follow their example; take a mini mind daydream break if that’s all you’re able to take, a ten minute nap on the couch or just gently close your eyes and breathe and allow yourself to daydream about good things that happened in the past and then bring those happy feelings into your present and then into your future.

© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

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A Company of Angels ready and waiting!

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 4th to 10th March

Name of the card: Seven of Michael

Deck used: Archangel POWER Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

There is a better course of action available to you!

Working alone may not be the best answer.

Review all the details.


Aisling’s message from the angels:

This week your angels come with the big huge message ‘You don’t have to do it all alone!!!’ Newsflash! There’s a company of angels available to help you to accomplish any task.


You may have a tendency to want to carry the world on your shoulders, to take on others worries and fears and try to ‘Fix’ it all and make it better. I know there are many earth angels reading this weekly angel card reading and I know that you feel responsible for making this planet a better place to live for us to live.


BUT.... this does not have to be at the cost of your own life, health, dreams and enjoyment! You can have it all, but it is going to take you a little while to develop an understanding that you have rights and that it is right to put yourself at the top of your lst of priorities.

This topic is so close to my heart at the moment as I currently teach a Life Coaching Course, called ‘Love your life, love yourself first!’. The whole focus of this group is learning how to put yourself first and to make sure your self care above everyone else’s.

It’s such an overused example but it explains things so well! On the airplane, the ser hostess says; ‘in case of a drop in cabin pressure, adults please put your own mask on first, before attending to your children.’

This year you quite literally must begin to consider your own needs and to allow your dreams to have a place in your life again. You deserve happiness and love and for your dreams to be fulfilled.

This week take some time to focus on YOU and to figure out what needs ‘fixing’ in your life. The angels are saying that you’ve been doing the same old thing now for far too long and maybe not just in this lifetime. It’s time for a change, for a new start for a new way of looking at things. If you’re experiencing a long term difficulty in your relationships or problem in that just won’t go away or change or improve.

This is the week to put the spotlight on it, to heart storm for solutions. The angels will help you with this. But the most important aspect of this card is that you are not alone and you have many, many beings in the invisible realms and also your fellow earth angels on this journey with you available to help and support you too.

Light a candle to signify that your calling in your angels for help with this. They will help you to shed some light on any situation.

Take your problem and make some time either, to sit with your angels or invite some strong and positive friends to help you heart-storm for some different solutions. Be outrageous and allow your imagination to run riot, have some fun with it.

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Jump and the net will Appear!

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 24th February to 3rd March

Name of the card: Ace of Gabriel

Deck used: Archangel POWER Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

‘A gift of passion, opportunity, and inspiration!

The chance to do something amazing! A sense of wonder’.

Aisling’s message from the angels:

This week you are reminded to take some time for yourself to really experience your life in full and complete Technicolor.

So go on and take a moment to stop and smell the flowers, to breathe, to daydream!

The angels love it when you’re having fun, when you have those exquisite moments of peace, clarity and pure joy and happiness at being alive.

We have all had them in our lives and sometimes they may have only lasted a moment or a millisecond. You can actively cultivate those moments by choosing to remember what makes you happy in your life and choosing to do some of that daily! Also allow yourself to daydream this week and really taste the life that you’d like to lead.

This year 2014 is all about transformation and none of us are safe from it. Every single one of you will experience some sort of change this year. You may want to dig your heels in and cling onto your current situation for dear life. But this card is the ace of Gabriel and the ace always holds the potential for action, new energy and allowing your creative juices to create that life you want.

This is the perfect week for manifesting or beginning to plant the seeds of who you really are and what you really want from yourself and your life.

If you are hiding big dreams, then this is the week to bring those secret desires back up and into the light. The angels are whispering in your ears, ‘It’s time my love, it’s time!’ Take a breathe and be brave, start something new today and for the rest of this week.

Step outside of your comfort zone and watch out for huge opportunities that might feel like big, big risks and will threaten to bring up a lot of fear for you. The beauty of these moments is that once you decide to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, there is literally no going back.

This decision to take a risk, will ripple out into so many areas of your life. One risk taken regardless of how it turns out will make you stronger and braver, more courageous and more likely to achieve the life you were meant to live!

Go for it! Please, please, please this week give your dreams a chance and when the opportunity comes take the next step. Your angels will catch you if you fall and put your feet back on the path again.

Take a leap of faith! Go for it!


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Breathe a sigh of relief!

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Date: 17th to 23rd February

Name of the card: Six of Michael

Deck used: Archangel POWER Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel! Breathe a sigh of relief and make new plans. Relocation or travel.

Aisling’s message from the angels:

What a beautiful message for us this week. The light at the end of the tunnel! If you’ve been feeling like you’re under attack or may have had a bout of illness or misfortune in your life then this card comes to tell you that it’s coming to an end. The angels are reminding you that life moves in cycles, going around and around and that now is the time for great changes and developments in your life. You may look around you and still see turmoil and upset but that angels assure you that things are changing for the better. Your situation is improving. Keep the faith and have hope. Very soon you will see positive results.


If you have been thinking of moving this would be a great time to do that or even to take a short trip abroad or locally. This change in air and environment will help you to shed the karmic energies that may have been holding you back. Change your environment and allow yourself to experience a new sensation. There may also be change in a relationship or you get a job which means you’ll have to change location.

Great news this card says! ‘Breathe in a sigh of relief’. Breathe is one of the most important ways for us to communicate with our angels. I say many times in my classes that your breathe, is the doorway into the angelic realms and into your soul and to connect with your higher self.

Three deep breathes, are sometimes all that’s needed, to connect you back to yourself to allow you to just pause and start again. There are two angels with you on this journey and they are Raphael and Michael. Who will stay with you throughout ensuring you have adequate courage for the journey and supplies and stamina to complete it. This trip will sustain you and help you to start again refreshed.


If you cannot get away this week, then decide to make some mini breaks for yourself during the week. Maybe mediate if that’s what you love to do, or go for a walk in the park or just take a break during your lunch hour, put your mobile phone down and look around you while you breathe.


Ask the angels for help, you can also take a journey in your dreams. I met a woman once who told me that she had never been outside Ireland, but had travelled around the world in her dreams. She had very vivid dreams of walking along beautiful beaches, visiting the Eiffel tower or any other place that she fancied experiencing. Your mind and imagination are your ticket around the world and also your ticket to manifesting what you want in your life. Take some time every day to daydream a little.

Some people come to my classes and say I can’t daydream or see things. If that’s you take a moment now and think about the front door of your home. What colour, shape and size is it? What happened? I’m guessing you saw a picture in your mind of it immediately! It’s that easy to use your imagination, you’ve just been telling yourself it’s difficult. So just for this week, stop, breathe and take a mini break using your imagination, call your angels to your side and imagine what they look like to! Your angels are there, allow yourself to begin to see them, to hear them, to feel them in your life. Open the doors of your mind to this special relationship that could literally change the way you live your life.

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2 steps to LOVE!

Posted by Aisling on February 13, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Angel Card Reading

Date: 10th to 16th February

Name of the card: Knight of Raphael

Deck used: Archangel POWER Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card: Romantic, Dramatic, Poetic, Introspective

Committed romantic relationships. Being swept off your feet. Situations or topics that make your heart flutter

Aisling’s message from the angels:

What a really beautiful card for this week of St. Valentines! I chose this card randomly from the deck of 72 cards.

This week in our Transform with angels in 12 weeks we’re connecting with Archangel Raphael so it’s no surprise that we have Raphael here this week in our angel card reading.

Raphael is known as the healing angel and he also helps us in our relationships and can even help with match making!

This card is both about loving yourself and loving that special person in your life. We all have access to this inner wisdom within us this week. Think about how much you love yourself. When you look in the mirror what do you see and what do you say to yourself? Do you look into your own eyes with love and compassion? Or like your worst enemy? Criticizing and condemning. The angels love you unconditionally they only see your beautify that you sometimes try to hide, that you don’t believe is worthy of love.

Raphael is here this week to remind you how amazing and beautiful you are and to help you to remember your own inner beautify.

For all those looking for love here is a simple exercise for you to do. Light a candle and take some deep breathes, a blank piece of paper and write at the top qualities and characteristics of my ideal partner.’ It doesn’t matter if you’re married or single this is still an exercise that you can do.

Step 1: Take a few minutes and heart storm all of the qualities of your ideal partner. Everything you’d love to have someone do, be or say to you.

This is where most strategies stop and just expect the law of attraction to do its job and bring your loved one to you. I would like to take it a step further today.

Step 2: Go through the list of qualities and tick the ones that you already have in yourself. So if you’d like someone to tell you how beautiful you are, then ask yourself ‘Do I do this for myself?’

If you want someone to treat you well and bring you out to dinner and buy you gifts to show their love and appreciation of you. Ask yourself ‘Do I this for myself?’

Go through the list and everything that you don’t do for yourself is something for you to explore. Take just one to start. The one that makes you most uncomfortable, will be the one with the most possibility for complete change and transformation. Take that one and do it every day in some shape or form in the next week. So for example; If you would love someone in your life who treats you with love and respect, take this whole week to do just that for yourself. Become aware of your negative self talk and replace it with a loving conversation. Take a rest when you need to, say no when it’s appropriate. Start loving and respecting you this week!

Leave your comments below and share what you’re going to do this week to bring in more love and light into your life.

I guarantee you that this exercise will do more to attract to you, the person who is perfect for you than anything else.

It’s only when we show the world, how we like to be treated and we express our appreciation and joy at this, that the universe can hear you. If you experience joy these feelings are like an activation button to the universe who says yes, yes, yes! More of that! She likes that so more of that! Then you will automatically attract what it is that you love into your life effortlessly. How easy and enjoyable is it to do something nice for yourself and know that the universe will just want to give you more.

Way more fun that writing a list and just waiting for the universe to figure out what it is you need.

To make anything happen in your life;


Your angels and the universe are standing my your side waiting for you to tell them what you want. You are actually communicating with them all the time in different ways, through the words you write, speak and think and the feelings you feel. This gives you a great advantage and the more of these channels you can activate, the faster your dreams will come true.

Do something really nice for yourself this week, treat yourself like you would like your loved one to treat you, with love commitment and appreciation and watch what happens.

God and the angels say ‘Yes! More of that!’ your wish is my command!’

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Go Forward Fearlessly!

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Angel Card Reading

Date: 3rd to 10th February

Name of the card: Go Forward Fearlessly

Deck used: Archangel Michael Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

My prayer: Thank you for walking with me every step of the way, for holding my hand, giving me confidence and courage, and guiding my thoughts and actions in the direction of love and my true life’s purpose

Aisling’s message from the angels:

It’s week one of our TWA (transform with angels) online course and this week, the angel we are connecting with is Archangel Michael. So this card couldn’t be more appropriate. It describes Michael’s task in our lives is to call us into action. Sometimes the things you are called to do may strike fear into your heart!

For example when Michael nudged me holding angel circles, I never thought that seven years later I would be hosting, the full course on the world wide web. If I had known this was the outcome, I probably never would have started, it would have seemed too impossible for me to be able to do. I wouldn’t have dreamed this for myself. I wouldn’t have thought I could achieve this.

And that is why Michael and the other archangels come into your lives. They want to help you to achieve your full potential. A potential that even you cannot dream, wish or hope for yourself. Maybe secretly at night you wish it could be, but you never actually think it’s going to happen.

Michael’s job is to show you the path. First you may hear a whisper in your ears, an overheard conversation at the bus stop, a sign post that keeps appearing, a memory of a dream you once had that keeps reoccurring. This is Michael planting the seed. I remember when I was reading a profile of someone online and saw she dad completed a degree in education and training. The thought crossed my mind (you could do that!) I was flabbergast and put all these excuses in my own way, it would cost too much, take too long, I was too long out of school and was never really very good at it anyway. It would be a complete waste of time to even try because I would probably fail.

But the voice was persistent, the seed had been planted and reluctantly yet curious I began to look into it. I found I could just do one module, which I did and it wasn’t too painful. Then I completed the first year, then thought sure I might as well try for the diploma. After that there really was no going back. Now I’m less than three months shy of finishing my degree! Who would have ever believed it? Certainly not me!

Yes there were other factors that helped me achieve this; a great bunch of human angels and friends who supported, encouraged and helped me whenever I was low and didn’t want to keep going. But I feel that the angels put all this in place for me, they knew the time was right. And I know that Archangel Michael has been at my side every step of the way.

You are awesome! You can achieve amazing things, even your deepest dreams can become a reality. Just open yourself up to the possibility that angels exist and that they are here to help you as you walk this path on earth. The card above reads ‘thank you for walking with me every step of the way, for holding my hand.....’ It’s so true of the deep love these beings have for you. They know that as you achieve your dreams and your potential that you will ultimately become more joyful and happier and spread that love around the planet affecting everyone you meet in a positive way. People who are following their dreams and living their life purpose are a dram to be around, they inspire you and lift you up. You can do that too!

The difference that working with angels has made in my life is that I never feel alone. I’ve experienced times of deep distress and depression in my life, but since beginning to allow the angels to hold my hand, even though there are some tough times, I always feel like I have support. The invisible support of my angels and the tangible support of the human angels they place in my path to help me as well.

You are not alone! If you knew that angels existed and that you were loved beyond measure how would your life be different?

Today take a breathe, hold out your hand in your mind or physically and say;

‘Angels I’m ready! Show me the way!’


By Aisling Mooney

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Autumn Dates for your Diary!

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Hi Everyone

Hope you've enjoyed your summer and that you're refreshed and ready to get back to Divinity school with your angels and guides!
This year has been a pretty amazing one for me so far and it seems to be about to get even busier and more exciting.

I have some really lovely classes coming up, some you'll recognize and some are completely new and make use of everything I've been learning in my work with clients as a Life Coach using NLP.

Anyway I really hope to see you again at one of my events, classes or one to one sessions in the very near future.

Best wishes
Aisling X
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Simple Success Life Coaching Course Tuesday 17th September 10 to 12 noon
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Weekly Angel Card Reading

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Beth The Crucible


Healing       Refreshment        Joy       Strength       Reassurance


“You are being offered a cup of Divine refreshment. This is a gift of health and strength. The chalice of Divine Love heals your soul and your body and is available to you at all times. Even in times of darkness there is a light waiting to show you the way. You can claim these gifts of Love and Light whenever you meditate and they will refresh you throughout the day”

From Theolyn Cortens Angel Script cards



Below is Aisling's message to you Today!

Again our message this week is a focus on mediTation and The Angels are asking us to connect with them. As we have seen in our five minute challenge. It isn't always easy to commit to even five minutes a day for our spiritual development. There will always be something that's seems to be more important, that will pull us away or take our time and our energy.

I would like to take this chance now to tell you that this commitment of five minutes is a commitment to yourself. It is you finally standing up and saying this is for me, it's important to me and for me and I will do it today and everyday!


The promise of this card is the overflowing cup of abundance, love and happiness, in fact everything you could possibly ever need in your life is there for you. The angels make a promise to you today that if you will commit to spending five minutes with them everyday you will begin to reap the rewards of that quiet time in ways you can't even imagine at the moment.


You will begin to;


  • feel more relaxed, calmer and more in control of your life and destiny.  
  • be more certain everyday of what's the next and best for you to do and be.
  • live a more authentic life and generally a happier life.


Things that you thought seemed impossible for you will now come easily and effortlessly into your life. All that you are asked in return is commitment.


Spend this week contemplating your commitment to the angels and ask yourself could I take five minutes to reconnect with the wisdom inside me? And if the answer is YES then just do it!. And once again let us know how you are doing. Each and everyday recommit and say


'Today I'll take five minutes for myself and the angels.

Because I'm worth it!'


And make sure you're smiling!!!! See you next week at

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Sale starts Now!

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Weekly Oracle Card Reading

Posted by Aisling on January 7, 2013 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (2)

Welcome to our first Oracle Card Reading of 2013.

I hope you enjoy it and it begins to make a difference in your life and helps you transform in whatever way is best for you this year. 

[The first part of the Reading is a direct quotation fro Theolyn Cortens book 'The Angel Script' the second part of the reading is my interpretation of the card and it's meaning for you in your life.]

Silence Rest   Being   Waiting   Transformation


“Give yourself opportunities for stillness and rest. There is a quiet space in your heart and you need to go there regularly – not to ask, or to seek for answers, but just to be. You may find there is a physical place – a chapel, or a meditation room – where you can sit quietly. Do not wait with any expectations, but just allow the light of the Divine to open itself in your heart, like a flower”. By Theolyn Cortens


The bible story gives us the image of the ark, as a safe haven from the storm. Noah carefully gathers together two of every species on the planet, in order to preserve them for future generations.

The ark is our safe haven.


The message of this card is that we don't have to wait until there is a crisis to go into our ark. We can stop and create our own little space in our hearts and bodies and in our homes where we can stop and connect with the angels and the divine in the lives.


Create a space today even as little as five minutes and spend that time with your angels and God. Take three deep breathes and invite your angels into your life today to be with you to guide you every step of the way.


The angels aren't fussy when you call them. So it doesn't have to be a huge step to begin with. You could go to the toilet and shut the door and there take your five minutes or in the shower or in your car on the way the work. I've meditated in all of the above places and more.


My favourite places of course would be on the beach or in the dead of night when everyone else is sleeping. But this is not always possible. I've realised recently, that when I stop meditating, the one thing that really stops me connecting with spirit and creating that space for myself is commitment. Not motivation. I really want to because I know the benefits. I am very motivated to meditate but just can't seem to find the time!

The question I'll be asking myself this week is 'Could I spare just five minutes everyday to connect with The Angels, God and my dear Soul?'


Today and this week I challenge you to find five minutes everyday to just stop and breathe. I'll join you and lets share our results here, so everyone who comes to read this post is encouraged to try it!

What an amazing message to start our week and our year. Wishing you a wonderful New Year ahead. See you next week for another reading at


Aisling Mooney Has trained completed training by Doreen Virtue and Theolyn Cortens in Angel therapy and readings. She is also completing a degree in Training & Education

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