Small changes make big changes

Posted by Aisling on January 3, 2012 at 5:45 AM

Taking responsibility in small ways to create big changes


So what can I do? You may ask. Well responsibility comes in many shapes and sizes, I'm not expecting you to become Joan of Arc, although that would be a great energy to work with this year.


But I am suggesting that you become responsible for your own world and environment and all of the beings in it, first and foremost yourself and your own self care.


A great book to read this year would be “The Art of Extreme Self care” by Cheryl Richardson


I am reminded recently of an small incident. I was coming out of ARGOS in Liffey valley and a car passed by, the passenger threw an argos book from the window onto the street beside the shop.


Many people including me, heard the book dropping on the pavement. And many people including me walked on and did nothing. The thought crossed my mind that I could go and pick it up and either put it in the bin or back in the shop, but I dismissed this thought with the “It's not my responsibility!” thought in my mind. It was cold and I walked away. But this incident stayed with me and is probably the result of this blog, You know I can't do anything if someone else chooses to litter, but like a child who doesn't know better, I can pick up after them until they can do it for themselves. The next time I'll do what my conscious tells me and I'll take responsibility.


Below is a step by step guide to things you can do;


Mind your thoughts, words and actions. Become like a detective in your own life and seek out everything that's not conducive to how you want to live your life. Listen to and observe the thoughts in your mind, don't hold onto them for to long, just become aware of what you are thinking.


Change your mind, commit this year to changing anything that’s been holding your back in your life. Negative thought patterns, beliefs, ideas etc..Get ready to throw it all out!


Declutter your mind body and spirit. That includes relationships that no longer serve you and cutting the this to everything that’s draining your energy away from fulfilling your hearts desire.


Do something new

Learn new behaviour patterns and ways of doing things. Try something new everyday or at least once a week to start! Rearrange your wardrobe, take a new route to work, speak in a different way.


Watch changes arising in your behaviour, and continue to seek out steps that will help you to change for the better in your life.


I will go through each of these steps in more detail, in the coming weeks.

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