If not now, When?

Posted by Aisling on April 6, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Angel Card Reading

Date: 7th to 13th April

Name of the card: Books

Deck used: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Your life purpose involves writing, readings, editing or selling spiritually based books.

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Aisling’s message from the angels:

Do you have a book in you crying to get out? Have you always had a vision of yourself writing and publishing a book? You may already know what the content is, maybe you can even see the title. This could be the year for you to fulfil that dream finally!

How long have you been procrastinating and putting off writing your book?

Recently, I met a woman who attended one of my life coaching classes, she told me that she really benefited from the course and particularly the module on how to avoid procrastination and get motivated. She particularly remembered the phrase;

‘If not now, when?’

In this module I asked everyone to add their age by 365 and take the total from 29,000.

The total they were left with is the average number of days they have left of the planet to fulfil their mission. This exercise is taken from Jason Callaghans life changing book 29,000 days.

And it really hit home with many people that day. There were gasps and irritation and some annoyed people as I had definitely hit a cord. Sometimes we think we’re immortal or that we’re never going to die. There are only two things certain about our lives, we’re born and there will come a time for us to leave this planet as well.

Really thinking about this idea can help you to begin to desire to change your life, to stop putting things off till tomorrow and to start to live your life. You’ll want to make your plan, and to break it down into small steps so you can start to make your dreams a reality.

I have gained so much from reading books. Anyone anywhere has the capacity to retrain themselves once they can read. This precious gift allows you to study and learn information and material to move you forward rapidly in your life. Also surrounding yourself with spiritual and inspirational books can lift and higher your vibration. Making you more of a match for a wonderful life the one you were put here to live.

This week visit and join your local library or drop into your favourite bookstore. I can’t believe how many people don’t have a library card, this is a free facility where you can borrow thousands of books and ebooks for free!

Also another think about giving away some books that you’ve been hanging onto for years. They meant a lot to you, they may have inspired you to change something about your life, but really you haven’t picked them up for years. This week have a look through your book shelves and connecting with your heart, dust off some old volumes and ask yourself will I ever read this again? Then ask ‘Who could I give this too that would enjoy it?’ The answer may be a close friend or a nearby charity shop. Then as always take some action!


© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

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