Cut your cords!

Posted by Aisling on April 28, 2014 at 6:50 AM

Angel Card Reading

Date: 28th  April to 4th May

 Name of the card: Cut your Cords

Deck used:  Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

Ask Archangel Michael to clear any old attachments to fear that stem from past relationships, freeing you from destructive patterns.

Aisling’s message from the angels:

You know I spoke to a  client recently, she had been in a business partnership that had gone wrong.  It had severely dented her confidence and made her distrustful of others but also she didn’t trust herself anymore to make good business decisions.  She was caught up in past mistakes.  I recommended to her to do a little meditation called cutting the cords.  Many spiritual healers and angel therapists use this exercise and I have used it many times in my life.

It’s a really great one if you’re trying to get out of a relationship or trying to distance yourself from people. Imagine that every single thing you’ve ever owned and everyone you’ve ever met and every memory you’ve ever had was all still attached to you on an unconscious level.  Wouldn’t it feel very heavy and unproductive?

I’m exhausted even thinking about carrying all of that extra weight from the past around.

If any of this is ringing a bell with now or you’re squirming uncomfortably or trying to talk yourself out of it.  Then it’s time to release and let go of all that crap!

Wouldn’t it seem so much lighter and so much more room for love and beautify and other things to come into your life.

That’s the trouble with dreams and wishes if we have no space to welcome something new in our lives because they’re cluttered with the past then nothing happens.  Nothing changes.  You have to let something go to welcome something else something new in.  I’m talking about letting things go that do not serve you anymore.  You do not need these things to achieve a beautiful and productive fulfilling life.

Take a moment today, light a candle and breathe deeply for a few moments.  Maybe put on some classical or spiritual music preferably with no words. Call out to Archangel Michael and Raphael and ask them to help you to cut the cords and release the past.

Take a moment and see your body as you sit or lie down. Notice the cods attached to you going out into the world. You don’t have to know or see what they’re attached to. See Michael step forward and with one swish of his sword, cut through all of those attachments and feel the freedom as this happens for you.


Now see Raphael step forward and place his hands over every place a cord was in your body.  See all of these places being healed and whole again.  Now see, feel or sense these angels surrounding your body in a healing ball of light and know that this your personal battery of energy that you can carry around in the next days and weeks and months ahead to give you protection against unwanted cording.

Do this exercise regularly.  It will definitely help you to manifest more of what you really want it your life.  You will feel so much lighter and more productive!

Go easy on yourself and be kind have a great week.

 In my TWA class I give this meditation to all my students, to use as often as they wish as it really helps them to begin to transform their live into their dreams.  They learn to let go easily and effortlessly with the angels help.

© Copyright Aisling Mooney 2014

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