When is it time to forgive?

Posted by Aisling on April 21, 2014 at 10:25 AM

Angel Card Reading

Date: 21st to 28th April

Name of the card: Twin Flames

Deck used: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

Keywords or message on the card:

The answer to your question involves a spiritually based romantic relationship

Aisling’s message from the angels:

Many times in my work with clients and in my classes I come across people who are stuck in karmic relationships. Sometimes I see these ties are kept alive by the qualities of hatred, anger and unforgiveness. If you have hatred in your heart, it doesn’t really affect the other person. And resentment just ties you to them even more strongly. Anger in your heart affects only one person and that person is YOU!

Anger and other unresolved and unexpressed emotions could even be affecting your health in a negative way. Emotions that get stuck can cause havoc with our lives and health.

I once woke up to find half my face paralysed. It was a condition called bells palsy. It was basically unexpressed rage and anger from an old issue that was keeping me paralysed and stuck in the past. I was terrified as this condition can last a lifetime and makes the person look like they have had a stroke. I knew I had to take drastic action. As well as a being treated by my doctor, I began my own journey to heal myself. I began reciting affirmations from Louise Hay, I punched a pillow for a few weeks and cried a river of self pity until there were no more tears. I did whatever it took to get the anger out of me so I could explore it and see what had caused it.

I just kept releasing and releasing until the condition began to improve. I read some books, I attended seminars and had healing, I listened to my intuition and I worked with my angels until I released the anger and all the other emotions attached to that. It wasn’t easy, I had to learn to forgive others and also above all to forgive myself. The condition improved completely and has never come back.

This week take some time to think about your relationships, past and present and consider what you would have like to change. It may well be your feelings of anger and resentment towards someone from your past, maybe it’s to improve your current relationship.

Now chose just one relationship you would like to heal, let go and release. This may be a past relationship or a current one. Get a piece of paper and fill it with the story and your thoughts about it and what happened or what’s happening. When there’s nothing else to say, write at the end of the page and say aloud;

‘Even though I don’t know how, I’m willing to forgive ..................... (fill in the blank with either myself, the situation or the person’s name), Angels I’m handing this over to you to resolve, so I can finally release it.’

Now burn it all. And as you watch it burn, know that the angels will take care of it from here. In the coming weeks ahead, watch out for little miracles happening in your life. Coincidences or possibly just finding yourself feeling differently about an old relationship or situation.

Asking the angels to help you to forgive, is the greatest gift you can give yourself in your life. Making this choice can positively affect every aspect of your life including your health and well being.

Forgiveness is the most powerful way I know to move forward. As Caroline Myss says ‘you’re never ready to forgive’ it’s not something you’ll wake up one day thinking that’s what I’m going to do but rather it is a choice or it’s a gradual process with small steps to take, one after the other. But you must take the first step, you must make that choice to release the past and to move forward today.



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