Quotes I received an NLP Session from Aisling, Before the session began, Aisling explained NLP in detail to me, she made me feel relaxed and welcome . After one session she helped me to release some major blocks that were holding me back from achieving what I wanted to do in my chosen career path, which I am very grateful for. I also have received an Angel Card Reading from Aisling which I thought was very positive and uplifting, Aisling went into great detail explaining each card , the guidance , and relevance to my life plan and what the card meant for me, which gave me a lot of hope for the year ahead . Aisling has a tremendous gift for introducing people to Angels, in her Angel Circle Group Meetings, and a lot of people have benefited from her classes, sessions and Readings, myself included . I have recommended Aisling to many people , and I would do so again. Quotes
Brian Kelleher (Healingoptions4u)
NLP and Angel Card Reading

Quotes When I joined Transform with Angels, I had no idea what to expect or what I may gain from this course. I trusted the nudges I kept getting and took a leap of faith and boy am I glad I did. I have faced life's challenges in new ways and with confidence as I receive guidance from the Angels. I have a library of meditations that I can use depending on my needs at a particular time. This has really benefited me as I use these meditations to bring peace to my life and give me strength and guidance as I need it. Quotes
Dee O'Donnell

Quotes I recently had a wonderful Angel card reading from Aisling. The reading was very positive and life affirming. Aisling has a very kind and caring way of sharing the guidance she receives. I was amazed by my reading, as I had gone along to get some guidance on career and finances, yet Aisling picked up on my relationship area of life, this has been a bit problematic and it was wonderful to receive the unexpected guidance on this. Not only did I receive a wonderful reading, Aisling also did some visualization exercises with me to help me move forward with ease and release any blocks that were keeping me stuck in my situation. She also advised me on flower remedies that would help me as I go forward with my life. If you get a chance to work with Aisling, through her classes or one to one, I highly recommend it. Quotes
Majella McDonald

Quotes I had a wonderful reading with Aisling. Simple how eleven cards helped me to clarify my situation and helped me to look at it differently, with wiser heart and eyes and in the knowledge that I am protected and guided along the way. It was good to hear that despite the shaky times recently, I am on the right path and the hard work is over. When I left the consultation with Aisling, I received an email that monetary assistance I had put in for was being looked at today, despite being told yesterday they had no record of it! Angels got to work quickly once they were asked! I really feel differently now, that I am not alone and don't have to figure it out all on my own. help is only a thought away! I highly recommend Aisling and her wonderful gifts of Healing. Quotes

Quotes I received an online reading from Aisling, which was very insightful and it gave me a lot of comfort to know that the angels were helping me through a time of uncertainty. The reading gave me confidence to move forward and it confirmed some thoughts i'd been having regarding my future plans and reasons why I felt I was been tested. I found even though the reading was done online it had a very personal touch from Aisling and I felt she cared and understood what I needed from the reading. I am very grateful to Aisling and the angels for the guidance and would recommend anyone to have a reading done. Quotes
Sarah Caffrey
Email Angel Card Reading

Quotes I would like to thank Aisling for my NLP session. She made me feel very relaxed and the session was like having a chat with a friend. The magic of it all was I was completely in control and conscious of what is going on, but suddenly with the NLP techniques my issue was dealt with and I felt like a weight had been lifted. I would definitely recommend anyone to try NLP with Aisling. You wont be disappointed. Quotes
Susan Alexander
NLP Client

Quotes Thanks Aisling! I still keep on a little piece of paper a few points I written down after the Angels card reading you made. Not because I was sceptical, I just did that as a reminder. I have to say it is still impressive to me how the card reading made visible something that was there but "out of my sight" till the reading. This did not change my life 360 degrees but surely I have a different perception of my life since and I am very happy because I felt this so natural, so spiritual but so evident when known. Thanks again. Quotes

Quotes Thanks Aisling, so much for my angel reading it cleared my thoughts and cleared the way for the future for me! Many thanks Marie Quotes
Angel card Readings

Quotes An NLP session with Aisling is a fantastic journey and has enabled me to explore past conflicts and baggage, helping me to resolve issues. Aisling works with an honest, straight forward, practical approach. Aisling is an inspiring human being and has the natural ability to help others to feel positive about themselves in minutes. Quotes
Ann Lennon
NLP Sessions

Quotes NLP sessions with Aisling have helped to change my life for the better. Past challenges have been released allowing me to enjoy the present and look forward to the future. I am very grateful for her help. Quotes
Martina Clarke
NLP Sessions
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